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                          Success Stories

I am very grateful for Michaels assistance. His approach has helped us move from a position where we were considering ending our relationship to one which we feel very committed to and excited about. "Dear Michael, I cant thank you enough for your support during what was a very difficult time. Your compassion and obvious caring for people and families has been invaluable. It felt very serendipitous to meet you and we have found your advice balanced and useful, it has had a very positive impact on how we partner and parent and we are very grateful."
Mark & Monica (Pro Bono Clients)

Michael Madigan you are definitely the best decision I made this year and the best value for money! The decision to hire you as my coach was driven by a desire to finish my year well and to hold myself accountable to the goals that I had established. I knew I had a huge year ahead in my business and my personal life, lots of hurdles to jump, lots of transitions to negotiate and work to be done. You have met me where I was at each and every time and kept my focus on what I wanted to achieve and who I needed to be to get the job done. I love that you have embraced my goals holistically including my role as a business woman, a mother, a wife and a friend. You are just as comfortable reflecting on my website as you are challenging beliefs that limit me! I highly recommend you to anyone that needs business savvy and the call to live the life you truly are born for. Looking forward to finishing this year with you.

Tracy L Darwin NT (Client)

“Michael is a true leader. I have used Michael in a professional capacity and he enabled the facilitation of clarity I required to get to the end goals I was looking to achieve. He is a master in enabling change and is compassionate but holds his ground with you. I would not hesitate in recommending Michael for your business or personal journey's. If you feel stuck and need to work out options on how to move forward personally or in your business Practical Coaching Solutions is for you.”

Leanne M (Client)

Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative

“Michael has an intuitive ability to guide and motivate his clients extracting their strengths and is able to break down the big picture into small attainable action steps that are directed specifically to identified areas of opportunity. He does this through his thorough knowledge of marketing and business skills. He is always a pleasure to work with.” 

Megan C (Client)

“Michael's expertise has helped me greatly. He has helped provide focus to my day to day affairs. Michael challenges my thoughts, gives constructive feedback and opens my eyes to other business opportunities. 

Time with Michael leaves me energised. Importantly, he has given me the tools to take this energy and transform my business. This means the benefits are ongoing and that the energy is not lost once he leaves the office.”

Warwick J (Client)

"Today’s session was amazing. I wasn’t expecting a big breakthrough because I have had many coaching sessions with other coaches recently therefore didn’t think anything could come out of today’s session but it did. Michael’s ability to guide me through a relaxing, trusting, curious journey allowed me to explore limiting beliefs about myself that I didn’t know existed. 

Michael’s coaching style is one that is patient and calm, this allows you to freely express yourself and helps you realise a lot about yourself. I always have positive outcomes when being coached by Michael."

Linh H (Client)

"Michael has been my life coach for 6 sessions and we have covered all sorts of ground in this brief time. I was very hard on myself at first. I have had a difficult few years, and came to view myself as organisationally impaired, instead of having hope and chipping away at things bit by bit. Michael encouraged me from my first session to start seeing myself differently. Actually, he believes that there is a very organised person inside. And there is! Michael is very encouraging, he has helped me to understand that lists don't work for me but prompts, dates in my diary and simple systems really do help.

It was great to have Michael's feedback when I did well. On other occasions we would try to tease out what worked for the "one good day", to replicate the action or approach. I feel that although the information came from me, that I could not arrive at the ideas myself, or implement them in such a systematic fashion.  Six sessions later I feel so far ahead. Practical Coaching is markedly different from counselling or therapy. It is less of the mind, more instant, though it will take time to master my new skills. 

I have a plan, and a sense of mental fitness and optimism.

Thank you Michael for your professionalism and wisdom."

J. Moules (Client)

I have been working with Michael for only 3 sessions so far but even so I am very impressed with his coaching abilities. I have been involved with other coaches and councillors over the years and can confidently say that Michael is one most empathic people I have met. He is totally free of judgement and criticism, and seems to have the ability to intuitively understand where his clients are at. I would have no hesitation in recommending him as a life coach and feel that any client would benefit significantly from his help.

Brian W (Client)

I met Michael and immediately felt at ease. He is genuinely interested in people and it matters to him that I achieve more of my potential. I let him know that if we were going to work together he would need to come along side me and encourage me as that is the style that works for me. He was fine with that.

 We have only met for a couple of weeks so far. I really feel that he understands me and he has already been able to help me see some things about myself that I hadn't realised. That is helpful. He has also helped me set some realistic goals in areas I would not have thought to work on, and has given me some creative ways to approach some of life's challenges.

In 2 sessions, my self esteem has grown, I see myself through a strangers eyes and it is constructive. I feel a new motivation to work on the areas we have together decided on. I have some tools to work with to bring change in some key areas. I am already approaching some of life's challenges differently. I really look forward to our next meeting and what will surface there. I have already recommended him to several of my friends. His genuineness stands out from the crowd.

Christine W (Client)