About Practical Coaching

At Practical Coaching we aim to inspire, educate and deliver practical help for people where they are today and move them into a brighter, happier and more successful future.

We coach individuals or groups and work with Corporate, Small Business and Not for profit organisations.

Through education and inspiration Practical Coaching deliver articles and videos online and conduct coaching sessions, training session and one on one mentoring to help people who want to move from where they are to a brighter, more certain and happier future.

About The Practical Coach

Practical Coaching was created in 2009 by Michael Madigan, but had been forming as a passion for many years. With his experience and opportunities he took an idea of wanting to help people succeed in life whether that is in their business, family or life from a passion into a business.

Michael is experienced in training, mentoring and speaking for over a decade. Working in both corporate life and not for profit organisations he has learnt skills for everyday life that you can learn to bring this success into your business, your family and your life.

He shares ways that you can realise & reach your dreams and passions by implementing steps in a Practical way that is achievable and encourages people on their journey to success whatever that may look like for you.

If you have dreams or goals and you want to achieve it then Practical Coaching is for you.

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