We all lead busy lives and our dreams and plans for our lives will stay just that if we don't take time out to focus, plan and take action with them.

Leadership in a minute was developed from our experience in business and coaching that we spend to much time in the business and not on the business. The same can be taken into our everyday lives.

When was the last time you sat down and planned your next 5 years, noting who you wanted to become, what you wanted to achieve and the places you want to visit.

Here is where Leadership in a minute comes in. Give yourself 5 mins out of your day to invest in yourself. the podcasts take between 60-90 secs and then there is time for you dream about the Leadership thought, time to plan the thought into your everyday life and then take action within 48 hours of your thought. The key to change in your life is applying what you planned and take action.

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