Short Courses

Practical Coaching is now offering: 

Short Courses in the following areas

  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Mindset
  • Marketing
  • Social Media 

From solutions for your business to moving forward in your relationships. 

We are so passionate for you to be your best we have put together courses on Communication, Leadership & Mindset and know that with these courses you will be able to enjoy life and have the best 12 months of your life.

From 1/2 day to 5 day courses we have a course that suits your business.

For more information or to book into a course simply fill in the form to the right. 

The advantages for completing the Short Courses are:
  • Learn secret codes to improve your communication
  • Achieving better results simply through gaining new insights to the way your mind works.
  • Empowered leadership techniques to become a better leader. 
  • How to go to Market with strategies that work in your environment
  • Using Social Media to get your message out there and have business attracted to you. 

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The next Course is starting January 2012, register NOW!

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